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Nina Paley Interview Part 5

Nina Paley is one of our heroes. We met her at a theater in the town of Apt, in southern France, during the Avignon film festival. After seeing “Sita Sings the Blues” that night in that beautiful mountain town, we realized were in the presence of the Jimi Hendrix of modern animators – a truly talented virtuoso.

It has been our privilege to talk and hang with Nina over the last two years. We finally prevailed upon her to share her thoughts with us and the world on low-budget filmmaking, free culture and the system.

Visit her truly awesome website to see more of her work and her menagerie of cool ideas and causes:



So, okay, this is a little off topic.  I guess it — and I don’t even know if it has anything to do with Sita really.  Do you have any thoughts on the film video debate?


Well, I think that — you mean, when you say 35 millimeter. It’s not very affordable or practical. It’s changing rapidly.  I mean Sita had its first festival screening in 2008 which is just over two years ago.  And it had to be on film for this particular cinema.  I’m sure that’s not the case now.  I mean, this 3-D — this independent 3-D film screening I went to — they had a 3-D digital projector.  Like, they were projecting on DCP.  They didn’t even have to use two projectors.  So it’s a lot cheaper.  Not saying it’s better.  But, you know what, prints of Sita Sings the Blues get pretty bashed up.


Film prints.


Yeah, there’s the — I mean, quality’s a problem —
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